Wild Orphans

Elephant Diaries featured on BBC one this week is a series of five programmes filmed over the course of a year at The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and in the release sites in Kenya. Jonathan Scott and Michaela Strachan introduce one of Africa’s most dysfunctional families – a group of elephants, raised by people, on their perilous journey back to the wild. This book Wild Orphans tells the story of the plight of the African elephant and contains beautiful photos to accompany the story.

A Call to Arms for Nature Publishing

In a really excellent piece in the Guardian, Robert Macfarlane argues that we must reconnect with our environment through classic works of wildlife literature.

The suggestion – which echoes a similar call made by Lopez exactly 20 years ago in America – is that a series of classic works of nature writing from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland should be established and published. Such a series would not kowtow to the doubtful idea of a “national” literature. Instead, it would be a series of local writings, which concentrated on particular places, and which worked always to individuate, never to generalise. It would not vaunt a little-islandism, nor would it be blind to the spoliation of the landscape which has occurred. It would not adore landscape as a site for the exercise of middle-class nature-sentiment – a gymnasium for the sensitive.

It would, however, honour a form of care, and a form of attention, to the landscapes of the British Isles. It would discover in landscapes values which transcend the commercial and the consumerist. And it would restore to visibility a tradition of nature writing which has slipped from view these past 50 years.


Riparia presents a thorough review of the importance of riparian ecosystems. In recent years riparian management has been widely implemented as a means of improving fisheries, water quality, and habitat for endangered species. This book provides the basic knowledge necessary to implement successful, long-term management and rehabilitation programs.

“Streamside communities are exceedingly important for the functioning of ecosystems and the providing of ecosystem services to people. With growing challenges of land-use, climate change, and expanding infrastructure, the publication of Riparia: Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Streamside Communities, is especially timely, and deserves to be widely read and applied.” – Jeffrey A. McNeely, Chief Scientist, IUCN-The World Conservation Union

New Edition of Ecology: Individuals, Populations and Communities

Begon, Townsend and Harper’s Ecology: Individuals, Populations and Communities is the textbook that every undergraduate must have for an ecology related degree – myself included! My battered copy of the 3rd Edition still has pride of place on the bookshelf.

The original publication date for this title was mid-May, and we’ve had a lot of customers asking when the publication date has slipped to – the latest info we have is that stock is on it’s way to us right now. We are running a special pre-publication offer price on Ecology of £32.50 £24.99 – this will end the day stock arrives. So… you’ve got just a few days left to pick up a bargain on this key text.