NatureBureau: Publisher of the Month

Based in Berkshire, NatureBureau publishes a wide range of books, including internationally important handbooks and atlases alongside highly localised UK field guides. Publishing under the imprint of Pisces Publications, they are renowned for their beautifully designed and well-researched books. We are happy to announce NatureBureau as our Publisher of the Month for March.

Browse a selection of NatureBureau titles below, or explore their entire range here.


A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain & Ireland
Flexibound | £21.95 £28.95

With updated maps and over 2,800 colour photographs throughout, this expanded edition covers over 2,300 species, supporting by comprehensive sections on all insect groups, including beetles, flies, ants, bees and wasps. The concise text gives information on behaviour as well as their current conservation status and pointers are given to help avoid misidentification with species of similar appearance.


Life Cycles of British & Irish Butterflies
Hardback | £26.99 £34.99

With detailed descriptions and photos of the adult, egg, caterpillar and chrysalis of each species, this book reveals in detail the fascinating life cycles of the 59 butterfly species that are considered resident or regular migrants to Britain and Ireland. It provides unique insights into a hidden world and is illustrated with over 1,300 high-quality colour photos.

Read our interview with the authors.


A Photographic Guide to Insects of Southern Europe & the Mediterranean
Flexibound | £21.99 £27.50

This new guide, the first of its kind, features many of the large, spectacular insects a visitor to southern Europe and the Mediterranean is likely to encounter. The guide covers 1,500 insect species, including many endemics, and represents all the major groups of this region.


European Bryaceae: A Guide to the Species of the Moss Family Bryaceae in Western & Central Europe and Macaronesia
Hardback | £27.99 £37.50

Based on 22 years of research carried out in the field and in herbaria, this is the first detailed floristic work on the family to adopt the current taxonomy derived from DNA sequence data. It provides a timely review of morphological characters of the species in relation to their phylogeny and species delimitation based on the latest molecular analyses.


Atlas of Britain & Ireland’s Larger Moths
Hardback | £29.99 £38.50

This guide includes accounts for 866 macro-moth species, each with a distribution map showing current and historical occurrences, trends, status, a phenology chart and colour image. Distribution maps are also provided for a further 25 species that have not been recorded since 1970.



The Bumblebee Book: A Guide to Britain & Ireland’s Bumblebees
Hardback | £19.99 £24.95

The Bumblebee Book covers all 27 bumblebee species occurring in Britain and Ireland, illustrated by photographs that show their full range of variation, including the striking island races. Each species has a detailed description with up-to-date distribution maps and notes on the life cycle, flowers visited and habitats used.


Butterflies of Cornwall: Atlas for the Twenty-First Century
Hardback | £23.99 £29.95

The book maps the ebb and flow of butterfly populations in Cornwall, including national rarities such as the Marsh Fritillary and the Silver-studded Blue. It covers a description of all 37 of Cornwall’s resident and regular migrant butterflies and 12 occasional visitors, including their ecology, life cycle, population trends and geographical distribution, as well as passages on the best places to see butterflies in Cornwall and how butterflies are recorded and conserved.


Moths of the West Midlands: Birmingham & the Black Country, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire
Flexibound | £17.99 £23.50

This is the first book to cover all of the 600 macro moth species in the West Midlands and many of the regularly recorded micro moths. This guide is illustrated with over 700 photographs and also includes up-to-date distribution maps, habitat descriptions, adult flight periods and larval food plants.

All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.

Helm Publishing: Publisher of the Month

We are delighted to announce Helm as our Publisher of the Month for February 2022. Helm has published some of the most loved and authoritative bird books in the world in the last 30 years. Starting with Seabirds in 1983, the Helm imprint has expanded the Helm Identification Guides series into a hallmark of ground-breaking identification guides to the birds of the world. Their works also include the Helm Field Guides, Helm Photographic Guides, and the growing Where to Watch Birds series.

Browse a selection of Helm titles below, or explore their entire range here.


Feathers: An Identification Guide to the Feathers of Western European Birds
Hardback | £44.99 £54.99

This guide to the feathers of Europe’s birds covers more than 400 species, with an innovative key allowing for exceptionally precise identification by colour as well as feather structure and shape. Collection and conservation methods, locations of feathers on the bird, and identification and description of the feathers of species are clearly explained and richly illustrated.

Check out our Testing the Guide article, where we explored the usability and applications of Feathers.


Vagrancy in Birds
Hardback | £29.99 £39.99

Vagrancy, the appearance of birds outside their normal home range, has fascinated naturalists for centuries. This monograph explores what drives this phenomenon and charts its occurrence across bird families.



Moult and Ageing of European Passerines
Hardback | £74.99 £94.99

The legendary Moult and Ageing of European Passerines returns in a completely revised second edition. Next to updates and improvements, 16 new species records have been added for a total of 74. This is the must-have reference for bird ringers and ornithologists, and a sublime book for readers interested in feathers.

Read our interview with the authors.


Birds of Argentina and the South-West Atlantic
Hardback | £52.99 £59.99

In the making for some twenty years, this English-language guide to Argentina includes coverage of offshore islands. With 1075 species fully illustrated and described, this spectacular book includes 199 superb colour plates by some of the world’s foremost artists, with concise identification text on facing pages. There are also detailed maps for every species included with the main text. The coverage includes the islands of the South Atlantic, such as the Falklands.


Handbook of Western Palearctic Birds: Passerines (2-Volume Set)
Hardback | £99.99 £150.00

This unique and spectacular handbook set is the most complete and comprehensive photographic guide to the passerines of the Western Palearctic. It contains the most up-to-date information available on bird identification covering all aspects of plumage, moult, ageing and sexing, with sections on voice and other identification criteria, and detailed taxonomic notes, backed up by a remarkable collection of more than 5,000 photographs.

Read our interview with the authors.


Birds of the Middle East
Paperback | £13.99 £16.99

This latest addition to the Helm Wildlife Guides series provides photographic coverage of more than 300 species regularly seen in this region, with concise text for each species including identification, calls, behaviour, distribution and habitat. This pocket-sized guide also contains 400 carefully selected colour photos.


Flight Identification of Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Hardback | £34.99 £44.99

This is the ultimate flight-identification guide to Western Palearctic raptors. It covers 60+ species, and goes to subspecific level wherever needed. It includes stunning images, most of which have never been published before, as well as thorough text covering every plumage and age in breathtaking detail.


Birds of Chile
Paperback | £19.99 £29.99

This comprehensive field guide covers all of the species recorded in Chile, including vagrants. Concise species accounts describe key identification features, status, range, habitat and voice, supported by accurate distribution maps and 88 colour illustrations in superb detail.


All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.

Pelagic Publishing: Publisher of the Month

Pelagic Publishing was founded in 2010 to fill the publishing gap in practical books available on ecology and conservation, aiming to encourage best-practice in research techniques and highlight the use of technology in wildlife exploration. They publish books for scientists, conservationists, ecologists, wildlife enthusiasts – anyone with a passion for understanding and exploring the natural world. Their books cover ecological survey and evolutionary biology to natural history dictionaries and environmental statistics. We are delighted to announce Pelagic Publishing as our Publisher of the Month for November and December 2021.

Browse a selection of Pelagic titles below, or explore their entire range here.


Wild Mull: A Natural History of the Island and Its People
Paperback | £19.99

Wild Mull guides the reader through the world of the Isle of Mull in its glory, considering every facet of the island’s natural history, diverse species and stories of past, present and future. With superb illustrations and illuminating text, Wild Mull is testimony to the power of wild places and the duty we have to protect and learn from them.


Bat Calls of Britain and Europe: A Guide to Species Identification
Hardback | £49.99

Providing an identification guide to bat echolocation calls for all 44 European bat species, Jon Russ has collaborated with over 40 contributors to make this book the definitive resource for bat conservationists and enthusiasts around Europe.



Paperback | £16.99 £19.99

This comprehensive photographic field guide is the first complete guide to identifying Harlequin ladybirds found in Britain and Ireland.  It also covers all the other 25 conspicuous ladybird species that occur. This clear, user-friendly field guide is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to identify a Harlequin ladybird.


Water Vole Field Signs and Habitat Assessment: A Practical Guide to Water Vole Surveys
Paperback | £21.99 £24.99

An essential guide to those surveying for water voles, this guide is chock-full of practical advice and field photos.  This guide provides detailed descriptions of all the habitats used by water voles, including less typical habitats, with annotated photos to help the surveyor home in on just the right areas to look.


Pollinators & Pollination: Nature and Society
Paperback | £21.99 £24.99

Written by one of the world’s leading pollination ecologists, Pollinators & Pollination provides an introduction to what pollinators are, how their interactions with flowers have evolved, and the fundamental ecology of these relationships.  The author also provides practical advice on how individuals and organisations can study, and support, pollinators.


Human Nature: A Naturalist’s Thoughts on Wildlife and Wild Places
Hardback| £15.99

Ian Carter, lifelong naturalist and a former bird specialist at Natural England, sets out to uncover the intricacies of the relationship between humans and nature. In a direct, down-to-earth style he explains some of the key practical, ethical and philosophical problems we must navigate as we seek to reconnect with nature.


Rebirding: Restoring Britain’s Wildlife
Paperback | £10.99

Winner of the 2020 Wainwright Prize for Writing on Global Conservation, Rebirding was written as the first book with actual solutions for how beautiful and profitable the UK’s countryside could one day look. Rebirding describes why the impending extinction of our cuckoos, turtle doves and honey-bees is entirely avoidable – Britain has all the space it needs for an epic wildlife recovery.

All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.

Geoffrey Kibby: Publisher of the Month

With the recent arrival of Autumn, the fungi season is now upon us. And so, NHBS is delighted to announce Geoffrey Kibby as our Publisher of the Month for October.

Geoffrey Kibby is one of Britain’s foremost experts on identifying mushrooms in the field, and his privately published books on how to identify British mushrooms pass on many of those skills. Kibby’s user-friendly books contain an enormous amount of information, are fully illustrated and are aimed at everyone, from the fungi enthusiast to the expert mycologist. The wealth of detail includes vital features to look for when identifying wild mushrooms and the important identification characteristics when using a microscope, often an essential tool in mycology.

These books are also an essential guide to identifying edible mushrooms and are valuable handbooks when mushrooming anywhere in western Europe.

We asked Geoffrey to tell us about how he originally became interested in mycology, and what he hopes to achieve with his wonderful books:

I was 13 when I first became aware of fungi: an intensely violet toadstool, unlike anything I had ever seen (Laccaria amethystina) and from that moment, I was hooked. I bought my first little mushroom guide, then another and another and more through the years until my bookshelves started to groan under the weight of books about fungi. Now, more than 50 years later, I am writing my own books, trying to produce the sort of works that I would have wanted as an aspiring young mycologist. My books are based on my years in the field, hopefully capturing the essence of each species. I have also made a conscious point of illustrating species not readily available in other guides and trying to give the most up-to-date names in what is an ever-changing science. Mycology is an inexhaustible field of study at whatever level your interest lies. With over 4000 species of larger fungi in Britain, you will never run out of species to find or new facts to discover.

Browse Geoffrey Kibby’s entire range below, including the fantastic Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe series.


Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe, Volume 3: Agarics, Part 2
Hardback | £41.99

Volume 3 is the second to cover agarics in which over 680 common and rare species are covered, containing photographs and paintings to highlight important characteristics, including microscopic features.



Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain & Europe, Volume 2: Agarics, Part 1
Hardback | £41.99

A total of 750 species and varieties illustrated with a key to major groups, dealing with the mainly white-spored agarics. The introduction to each section includes photographs, as well as useful illustrative paintings to highlight important characters that are sometimes difficult to ascertain from a photograph.



Hardback | £44.99

Volume 1 illustrates the non-agarics, including puffballs, stinkhorns, earthstars, coral fungi, polypores, crust fungi, chanterelles, tooth fungi, boletes, Russula and Lactarius. A total of 650 species are illustrated via watercolour paintings, along with drawings of the spores and other useful microscopic features.



British Boletes: With Keys to Species
Spiralbound | £22.99

Boletes are some of the most popular fungi around the world, both because they are often choice edibles and because of their frequently exotic colours and large size. There are approximately 80 species in Britain and British Boletes provides user-friendly identification keys and descriptions to all the known species, along with colour photos of the majority of species.


British Milkcaps: Lactarius & Lactifluus
Spiralbound | £22.50 

The Milkcaps, the species of Lactarius and Lactifluus, are a popular group of fungi distributed throughout the world and with over 70 species in Britain. This guide presents colour photographs of all these species, many with highly detailed photos of their spores, readily accessible keys and up-to-date information on their distribution and ecology.


The Genus Russula in Great Britain: With Synoptic Keys of Species
Spiralbound | £26.99

This guide provides an easy-to-use keying system to identify the nearly 160 species of the genus Russula found in Great Britain. Each species is fully described, including a further 29 from Continental Europe and Scandinavia that have not yet been found here but might be expected to, with over 120 full-colour photographs provided.


The Genus Agaricus in Britain jacket imageThe Genus Agaricus in Britain
Paperback | £19.99

This guide describes all of the known British species in the genus Agaricus and provides easy to use synoptic/pictorial keys to the species and includes over 50 photographs illustrating the majority of British species



The Genus Amanita in Great BritainThe Genus Amanita in Great Britain
Paperback | £19.99

This guide presents a broad view of the British species in the genus Amanita, plus some extra-limital species that might be found here. It contains photographs of many of the commoner species and some of the rarer and more obscure species that are normally rarely shown.



The Genus Tricholoma in Britain
Paperback | £16.99

This guide provides identification keys to the species of the genus Tricholoma known in Britain, plus others from mainland Europe which may be found here in the future.  Full descriptions and discussion of the species are provided along with nearly 60 full-colour photographs of the majority of the British species.

All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.

Princeton University Press: Publisher of the Month

Princeton University Press was founded in 1905 as a nonprofit publisher with close connections to Princeton University. Originally publishing university documents and newspapers, such as the Princeton Alumni Weekly, Princeton University Press didn’t publish its first book until 1912. Since then, they have published over 21,000 works, including many award-winning titles. Princeton University Press publishes well-known series such as WILDguides, the high-quality, practical guides to many wildlife regions around the world, and Princeton Illustrated Checklists, which contain illustrations and concise text of all species in specific regions. They also publish and distribute Wild Nature Press, a natural history publisher that specialises in books on marine life.

NHBS is delighted to announce Princeton University Press as our Publisher of the Month for September.

Throughout September we will have special offers on a selection of titles, giving you the opportunity to explore their books. Browse a selection of highlights below, or Princeton University Press’s entire range.


Peter Adriaens et al.
Paperback | £24.99 £29.99

The most up-to-date guide for gull identification, with a direct and visual approach and an abundance of beautiful colour photographs. This guide also has sections comparing similar taxa, identifying hybrids, gull watching, migration and sonograms


Beetles of Western North America
Arthur V Evans
Paperback | £29.99 £34.99

A landmark book illustrated with more than 1,500 photographs, covering 1,428 species from all 131 families that occur in the West. An extensive introduction provides information on beetle anatomy, natural history, behaviour, conservation and more.


Habitats of the World: A Field Guide for Birders, Naturalists, and Ecologists
Iain D Campbell et al.
Paperback | £24.99 £27.99

The first field guide to the world’s major land habitats – 189 in all. This compact, accessible, and comprehensive book features concise identification descriptions and is richly illustrated.


Sharks of the World: A Complete Guide
David A Ebert et al.
Hardback | £34.99 £39.99

The essential book for everyone interested in sharks, packed with colour illustrations, line drawings and photographs. Well-presented and easy to use, this is currently the only single guide to cover over 500 of the world’s shark species.


Ant Architecture: The Wonder, Beauty, and Science of Underground Nests
Walter R Tschinkel
Hardback | £19.99 £24.99

This wonderfully illustrated book takes you inside an unseen world where thousands of ants build intricate homes in the soil beneath our feet. Ant Architecture charts new directions for tomorrow’s research and reflects on the role of beauty in nature and the joys of shoestring science.


Wasps: The Astonishing Diversity of a Misunderstood Insect
Eric R Eaton
Hardback | £19.99 £24.99

This richly illustrated book introduces you to some of the most spectacular members of the wasp realm. Written by a leading authority on these remarkable insects, Wasps reveals a world of staggering variety and endless fascination.

Plant Galls of the Western United States

Ronald A Russo
Flexibound | £18.99 £24.99

Describing 536 species of galls and their causative agents, this guide explores this unique realm with stunning photos and fascinating information about the life cycles of the organisms involved.



All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.

Lynx: Publisher of the Month

Lynx Edicions is a Barcelona-based publishing house known for their fantastic ornithology titles, alongside a varied collection of general natural history. Originally founded in 1989 to create the Handbook of the Birds of the World series, they have since expanded to over 150 titles, including field guides, monographs, and bird checklists. They continually produce exciting works, such as their most recent publication Seabirds: The New Identification Guide, a full, 600-page treatment of all known seabird species. NHBS is delighted to announce Lynx Edicions as our Publisher of the Month for August.

Throughout August we will have special offers on a selection of titles, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore their books. Browse a selection of highlights below, or Lynx’s entire range here.








Handbook of the Birds of the World (16-Volume Set + Special Volume)
Josep Del Hoyo (editor) et al.
SERIES: Handbook of the Birds of the World (HBW)
Hardback | £1,999.00 £3,375.00

Handbook of the Birds of the World (16-Volume Set + Special Volume) comprises all volumes of HBW, illustrating and describing in detail every species of bird in the world. This is the first work ever to illustrate and describe in detail every species of bird in the world, and also the first to verbally and visually portray each member of an entire Class of the Animal Kingdom.


All the Birds of the World
Josep Del Hoyo (editor)
Hardback | £64.99 £84.99

An easy-to-use, fully-illustrated volume of all the birds of the world. Created for a broad audience, from novice birders to expert ornithologists and anyone interested in the spectacular diversity of birds, this fascinating book has something for everyone to discover.


European Breeding Bird Atlas 2
Verena Keller et al.
Hardback | £69.99 £84.99

This book represents the most up-to-date source of information on bird distribution and change in Europe, and is a great contribution to the global aim of understanding biodiversity to ensure its conservation.


Handbook of the Mammals of the World
Don E Wilson et al.
SERIES: Handbook of the Mammals of the World (HMW)
Hardback | £140.00 £155.00

Volume 9 completes the Handbook of Mammals of the World series, and it deals with the bats, order Chiroptera.

Read our interview with the series creators


Illustrated Checklist of the Mammals of the World
Connor J Burgin (editor) et al.
SERIES: Handbook of the Mammals of the World (HMW)
Hardback | £180.00 £200.00

This series of 9 large-format volumes describes and illustrates every currently recognised mammal species, and gives a detailed overview of each mammalian family. It provides up-to-date information on the evolutionary relationships, natural history, ecology, and current conservation status for all mammals.


Birds and Mammals of the Galapagos
Dušan M Brinkhuizen (Author), Jonas Nilsson (Author)
SERIES: Lynx and BirdLife International Field Guides
Flexibound | £22.99 £29.99

This comprehensive field guide covers all of the birds and mammals known to occur in the Galapagos archipelago, providing the latest insights on field identification and taxonomy for challenging groups such as pelagic birds, Darwin’s finches, and cetaceans.


Mammals of Madagascar 
Russell A Mittermeier et al.
SERIES: Lynx Illustrated Checklists Collection
Paperback | £18.99 £22.99

The first book to describe and illustrate every mammal species found in Madagascar. Also includes those of the nearby islands of Comoros, the Seychelles, Réunion and Mauritius.



All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.

FSC: Publisher of the Month for July

Since first featuring as NHBS’ Publisher of the Month over three years ago,  the Field Studies Council have added even more excellent titles to their catalogue of publications.

We asked Head of Publications, Dr Rebecca Farley-Brown what hopes and plans the FSC has for the next five years?

‘Plans for next 5 years – more guides in more places. We want to expand the range to help more people get engaged with nature – from simple family guides through to specialist books’.

The Field Studies Council (FSC) is the NHBS Publisher of the Month for July.

The FSC publish six diverse, thoroughly researched and constantly expanding series’, these include: Royal Entomological Society HandbooksAIDGAP GuidesFold-out Identification Charts and Chart PacksSynopses of the British Fauna and Biological Records Centre Atlases.

Fold-Out Identification Charts

The FSC’s range of  identification charts are designed to assist nature enthusiasts with identifying and naming the fauna and flora they find. The first fold-out identification chart, The Woodland Name Trail was produced in 1994 and, since then, these guides have become the FSC’s best-selling publications.


AIDGAP guides

In 1976 The ‘AIDGAP’ (Aids to Identification in Difficult Groups of Animals and Plants) project was started, with the aim of producing user-friendly and reliable field guides which would make identification achievable for those with little taxonomic training.

2020/2021 has been busy for AIDGAP, with new guides to Vegetative grasses, Sphagnum mosses and Freshwater Snails  all being published.

RES Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects

In 2004 the FSC started working with the Royal Entomological Society to publish their Handbook series. The aim of these handbooks is to provide illustrated identification keys to the insects of Britain, together with concise morphological, biological and distributional information. These comprehensive books are primarily aimed at experienced users.


BRC Atlases

The FSC also publishes Atlases on behalf of the Biological Records Centre (part of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology). Suitable for more experienced users, these atlases map the distribution of records within Great Britain and Ireland for named groups of animals.


Synopses of the British Fauna

In 1991 the FSC formed a partnership with the Linnean Society of London to publish their Synopses of the British Fauna series. The first Synopses FSC published was Woodlice (now out of print) and since then, over 60 additional volumes have been published.


A busy publishing year for the Field Studies Council

The FSC has been publishing environmental titles for over 40 years and 2020/2021 have been busy publishing years, especially for AIDGAP, with new guides: Grasses, Freshwater Snails of Britain and Ireland and Sphagnum Mosses.

A Blowflies Handbook has also been published for the Royal Entomological Society and an atlas with identification keys for the Histeridae, Sphaeritidae and Silphidae beetles for the Biological Records Centre.

New foldout guides for Moorland Wildlife of the North York Moors and Features of the Gwent Levels were published early in 2021, with guides to seaside plants and woodlands planned for later this summer.

Browse all FSC titles at NHBS

HarperCollins: Publisher of the Month

Originally founded in 1819 as Williams Collins & Sons, today HarperCollins is one of the world’s foremost publishers, with an extensive catalogue covering both fiction and non-fiction. Producers of the justly famous New Naturalist series, and the familiar Collins Classic Field Guides, there can be few people interested in wildlife who do not have a few of HarperCollins’ natural history titles somewhere on their bookshelves.

Working with a range of authors from the bestselling and prize-winning to the brilliant debut, HarperCollins has forged a reputation for publishing books that investigate, challenge, and push forward the thinking of the day.

New Naturalist Series

Established in 1945, the iconic New Naturalist series is arguably the most influential natural history series in the world with first editions highly collectable and much sought after. Covering a wide range of subjects and appealing to both professionals and naturalists alike, the series are consistent bestsellers for NHBS.

June 2021 sees the arrival of the latest volume in the series, Ecology and Natural History, with Peak District to follow in October and Trees in November.



Nature Writing and Popular Science

Recent publishing has included some fantastic additions to HarperCollins repertoire of nature writing, including Roy Dennis’ Restoring the Wild, which draws on his life’s work as a field ornithologist and expert in species reintroduction. Read our Q&A with Roy Dennis.

Sarah Gibson’s Swifts and Us and Mary Colwell’s latest book exploring our past, present and future relationship with predators in Britain Beak, Tooth and Claw. Read our Q&A with Mary Colwell.

Due in June from the author of The Seabird’s CryWinner of the 2018 Wainwright Prize for Nature Writing, the highly anticipated The Sea Is Not Made of Water. In addition, from the author of Extraordinary Insects, we look forward to Tapestries of Life, also due to be published in June.

Collins Field Guides

HarperCollins are famous for the distinctive black jackets on their Collins Classic Field Guides. These are consistently popular with naturalists and ecologists throughout Britain. In fact, the Collins Bird Guide is our all-time bestselling book here at NHBS! Covering Europe and the UK’s flora and fauna, these field guides set the benchmark for quality descriptions, illustrations and distribution maps.

In addition to the Classic Field Guides, Collins have a comprehensive range of field guides spanning several series, including: Collins Pocket Guides, Collins Complete Guides and Collins Field Guides.

Due in September is Collins Birds of the World – an exciting and all-encompassing new field guide comprising of 25,000 illustrations of 10,000 species on 280 colour plates.




Browse a selection of highlights below


Orchard: A Year in England’s Eden
By: Benedict Macdonald and Nicholas Gates
Paperback | June 2021| £7.99 £9.99

A brilliantly written and informative insight into the ecological niche traditional orchards can provide and the benefit they can have for the larger ecosystems around them.


Metazoa: Animal Minds and the Birth of Consciousness 
By: Peter Godfrey-Smith
Paperback | July 2021| £9.99

Combining vivid animal encounters with philosophy and biology, Metazoa reveals the impossibility of separating the evolution of our minds from the evolution of animals themselves.


Extraordinary Insects: Weird. Wonderful. Indispensable. The Ones Who Run Our World
By: Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson
Paperback | April 2020| £7.99 £9.99

A journey into the weird, wonderful and truly astonishing lives of the small but mighty creatures who keep the world turning.


Farming and Birds
By: Ian Newton
Paperback | July 2017| £29.99 £34.99
Hardback | July 2017| £52.99 £64.99

Ian Newton discusses the changes that have occurred in British agriculture over the past seventy years, and the effects they have had on bird populations.


Collins Complete Guide to British Insects: A photographic guide to every common species
By: Michael Chinery
Paperback | April 2009| £13.99 £16.99

A photographic field guide to all the common and some unusual species of insects across Britain that the keen amateur naturalist is likely to spot.


Freshwater Life of Britain and Northern Europe
By: Malcolm Greenhalgh
Paperback | March 2007| £16.99 £19.99

A beautifully illustrated guide to the wide variety of species found in rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in Britain and Europe.



Collins Tree Guide: The Most Complete Field Guide to the Trees of Britain and Europe
By: Owen Johnson
Paperback | April 2006| £15.99 £18.99

Part of the Collins Classic Field Guides series, the Collins Tree Guide is a definitive guide to the trees of Britain and non-Mediterranean Europe.


Browse all HarperCollins books at NHBS 


All prices correct at the time of this article’s publication.





Bloomsbury Wildlife: Publisher of the Month for March 2021

Bloomsbury Wildlife is home to many of our most knowledgeable, eloquent and passionate nature writers. Naturalists, ecologists and academics alike are sure to find something engaging among their extensive range of natural history titles. Alongside the excellent and rapidly growing  British Wildlife Collection and the beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched Wildlife Guides, they also offer fantastic nature writing and practical advice on how to make a garden more wildlife friendly.

NHBS are delighted to present Bloomsbury Wildlife as our Publisher of the Month for March.

We have special offers across a large selection of their most popular titles, so now is the perfect time to browse their books.

By: Clive Chatters
Hardback | March 2021 | £29.99 £34.99
This brand new addition to the British Wildlife Collection celebrates the vulnerable heathland landscape of the British Isles.
Read our author interview here.
Volume 10 in the collection, Butterflies, is due in April


Field Guide to the Caterpillars of Great Britain and Ireland
By: Barry Henwood, Phil Sterling, Richard Lewington
Paperback | March 2020 | £29.99 £34.99
This beautifully illustrated addition to the Bloomsbury Wildlife Guides covers caterpillars of the moth and butterfly species most likely to be encountered in the British Isles.


The Brilliant Abyss
By: Helen Scales
Hardback | Due March 2021 | £13.99 £16.99
Tells the story of our relationship with the deep sea – how we explore and exploit it. Helen considers humanity’s advancing impacts on the deep, including mining and pollution, and what we can do about them.


The Pocket Book of Bird Anatomy
By: Marianne Taylor
Flexibound | May 2020 | £12.99 £15.99
This excellent RSPB guide to bird anatomy looks at the avian body, system by system, and studes how it evolved and how it functions.


The Missing Lynx
By: Ross Barnett
Paperback | July 2020 | £8.99 £10.99
Palaeontologist John Russ explores the animals that disappeared from Britain after the last Ice Age, and the potential for reintroduction.


Field Guide to the Bees of Great Britain and Ireland
By: Steven Falk and Richard Lewington (Illustrator)
Paperback | Feb 2015 | £29.99 £34.99
A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive introduction to bee classification, ecology, field techniques and recording. Includes a full glossary and information on how to separate the sexes and distinguish bees from other insects.

Bats of Britain and Europe
By: Christian Dietz and Andreas Kiefer
Paperback | Sept 2018 | £23.99 £29.99
This concise and definitive guide presents all 45 bat species that regularly occur in Europe (of which 17 are known to breed in the British Isles)


The Butterflies of Britain & Ireland
By: Jeremy A Thomas and Richard Lewington
Paperback | June 2014 | £19.99 £24.99
Provides comprehensive coverage of all our resident and migratory butterflies, including information on recently discovered species.  This definitive book on the subject includes detailed distribution maps.

Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe
By: Klaas-Douwe B Dijkstra, Asmus Schröter and Richard Lewington
Paperback | Oct 2020 | £19.99 £24.99
Hardback | Oct 2020 | £33.99 £39.99
Fully revised, the second edition of this guide features updated taxonomic and distribution information, as well as five new species discovered since the first edition in 2006.

British Moths: A Photographic Guide to the Moths of Britain and Ireland
By: Chris Manley
Hardback | Due June 2021 | £37.99 £44.99
The most comprehensive collection of photographs of British moths ever published. This third edition has been significantly expanded so that it includes all species on the British list.

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Wild Nature Press: Publisher of the Month for November

Wild Nature Press are a UK-based natural history publisher specialising in books about marine life.

This winter will see the arrival of several exciting new additions to their range; beginning with Field Guide to Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of Europe and the Mediterranean which will be published in November.  With Marianne Taylor’s recently published tribute to the often misunderstood gull and the eagerly awaited Sharks of the World due in 2021, NHBS are delighted to announce Wild Nature Press as our Publisher of the Month for November.

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Throughout November we will have special offers on all WNP titles, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore their books: below we have selected some highlights, or you can browse their whole range here.

Field Guide to Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras of Europe and the Mediterranean
By: David A Ebert and Marc Dando
Paperback | Due Nov 2020 | £21.99 £27.99
Illustrated key guides enable the reader to identify down to species and comparison plates of similar species and plates of teeth also aid identification.

The Gull Next Door: A Portrait of a Misunderstood Bird
By: Marianne Taylor
Hardback | October 2020 | £17.99 £21.99
Reveals deeper truths to these remarkable birds. They are thinkers and innovators, devoted partners and parents. They lead long lives and often indulge their powerful drive to explore and travel.


Seaweeds of Britain and Ireland
By: Frances StP D Bunker, Juliet A Brodie, Christine A Maggs and Anne R Bunker
Paperback | June 2017 | £15.50 £19.50
British and Irish shallow seas contain an astonishing 6% of the world’s seaweed species, more than 600 different seaweeds: this books enables divers, snorkelers and rock-poolers to identify them.

The Essential Guide to Rockpooling
By: Julie Hatcher and Steve Trewhella
Paperback  | May 2019 | £12.75 £16.99
Whether you are an individual or family visiting the seaside, or a naturalist wishing to expand your knowledge, this guide shows you how to discover the astonishing diversity of coastal wildlife with nothing more than a net and a bucket.

Sea Squirts and Sponges of Britain and Ireland
By: Sarah Bowen, Claire Goodwin, David Kipling and Bernard E Picton
Paperback | July 2018 | £13.50 £17.99
Includes sea squirts found in Britain and Ireland’s shallow waters and most recognised sponges. Whether you are a student, a diver, a rock-pooler or simply an enthusiast, this is an essential companion.

Sharks of the World: A Fully Illustrated Guide
By: David A Ebert, Sarah Fowler and Marc Dando
Hardback | Due Feb 2021 | £34.99 £41.99
Packed with unique colour illustrations, line drawings and photographs that are well-presented and easy to use, Sharks of the World is the only single guide to cover over 500 of the world’s shark species

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