Now in stock: The Beetles of the Galapagos Islands

The Beetles of the Galapagos Islands, by Stewart B. Peck
This major study on the evolution of beetles is the result of extensive recent field studies. 486 species of beetles are now known from the Galapagos archipelago. This book offers an annotated catalogue of all Galapagos Beetle Species arranged by families, as well as chapters on origin and arrival of the beetle fauna, evolution, ecology and distribution, beetle assemblages and habitat types.

This important work will serve entomologists, island ecologists, evolutionary biologists and conservation scientists.

Published by the National Research Council of Canada, this title is distributed in the UK by NHBS Environment Bookstore.

NHBS Orchids Selection

According to a recent article by Richard Mabey in BBC Wildlife Magazine ‘It’s orchid time again.’ In the article, Mabey asks, ‘What is it about the orchid tribe that casts such spells over us?’ Mabey also questions why we consider orchids sexy. ‘Certainly,’ he writes, ‘orchid’s uncanny and often suggestive resemblances (they were named orchis for their tubers’ likeness to testicles) are part of their glamour.’

Do you have an enthusiasm for orchids? If so, you must check out some of the latest orchid titles available from NHBS! Below are two intriguing examples of orchid books available, along with a couple of orchid brainteasers:

An Enthusiasm for Orchids
John Alcock

The male thynnine wasp’s extreme sexual enthusiasm is crucial to reproduction of hammer orchids in the wild. While pollinating orchids is a waste of time, and thus a maladaptive activity for a wasp, his mistake comes about because he must react quickly whenever he senses a possible mate nearby.

for insects, he who hesitates is lost, although perhaps it would be better to say that he who hesitates often loses a chance to pass on his genes. –John Alcock

Question: How have Hammer orchids co-evolved to trick the thynnine wasp?

Orchids of Mexico
Eric Hagsater et al

This stunning book presents the great diversity of form and colour adopted by the species of family Orchidaceae in Mexico.

Question: The Mexican orchids include over a) 120 species b) 520 species c) 1200 species?

To discover the secrets of the Hammer orchids and to view other superb orchid titles available at NHBS please click here.

Now in Stock: The Birds of the State of Kuwait

George Gregory’s complete review of bird records for Kuwait is the first of its kind.

Kuwait is one of the few remaining countries in this region that until now did not have a readily available book containing an up-to-date bird list.

Useful for ornithologists and bird watchers alike, this book also gives handy information about the best bird-watching sites in the state.

Exclusively distributed by NHBS, and now available for £15.00

Raptors: A Field Guide to Survey and Monitoring

We are in ‘raptors’ about this exciting forthcoming title: Raptors: A Field Guide to Survey and Monitoring, and we hope that you will seize this opportunity (you can place an order in advance to receive your copy in early July hot off the press!) to get your talons on it.

Written and edited by members of the Scottish Raptor Monitoring Group, this book draws on the knowledge and experience of over 300 raptor specialists and has been funded by Scottish Natural Heritage with assistance from the other Statutory Conservation Agencies in Britain and Ireland, as well as non-government bodies concerned with birds of prey. It includes a CD-ROM containing raptor calls, and sets out to promote best practice for the survey and monitoring of raptors. It is hoped that it will provide a starting point for anyone wanting to begin a raptor study, and indeed to encourage a new generation of raptor ecologists.

Fantastico Sur

Fantástico Sur?

Calling all Naturalists, Birdwatchers and Photographers! Have you heard of Fantástico Sur? (No, it is not a Roald Dahl character with red pointy ears and a penchant for fooling farmers!) Fantástico Sur is an entirely Chilean enterprise that sets up expeditions for naturalists and birdwatchers visiting southern South America.

Fantástico Sur is also involved in the authorship and publication of a growing number of wildlife books. Below are four fascinating photographic journey books in English and Spanish by Enrique Couve and Claudio F Vidal from Fantastico Sur distributed by NHBS:


Atacama Desert

Torres del Paine

Antarctic Peninsula

ps. So, ‘Fantástico Sur’ basically means ‘Fantastic’? or ‘Fantastic South’? Right?

The Nature of the Cairngorms: Diversity in a Changing Environment

The Nature of the Cairngorms: Diversity in a Changing Environment, edited by Philip Shaw and Des Thompson, presents a huge amount of new and previously unpublished information, and sets a new standard for assessing the importance of National Parks.

The Cairngorms, Britain’s largest National Park, is home to an unrivalled variety of wildlife including the Golden Eagle, Osprey, Pine Marten, Red Deer, Red Fox, and Mountain Hare. It is arguably the most significant for nature conservation in Britain.

In this book, 35 authors have drawn from a wealth of published and unpublished sources, to present an up-to-date review of the area’s nationally and internationally important plants, animals, habitats, geology and landforms.

Especially for conservation professionals – but also for an educated public – this book will become indispensable.

Professor Georg Grabherr, University of Vienna

April Monthly Catalogue

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Now in Stock: New Naturalist 99: Gower

Gower Now in stock: Gower – the latest volume in the collectable New Naturalist series. Available in both paperback and hardcover.

Gower is the definitive natural history of the Gower Peninsula, coinciding with its 50th anniversary as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

This book is available from NHBS at a special price, for a limited time only:

  • Hardback: £34.99 (reduced from £45)
  • Paperback: £17.99 (reduced from £25)

The Natural Guide to Bali

Follow a duck between two rice fields and see where it leads you…

Everyone knows that Bali is a fantastic place to visit, but now you can visit the real Bali, as described by insiders – including ecologists, anthropologists, Balinese journalists, sociologists and artists, while supporting environmental conservation efforts!

The Natural Guide to Bali is the essential new guide book for imaginative, responsible travellers.

With the motto: “Enjoy Nature, Meet the People, Make a Difference,” The Natural Guide seeks to bring together nature and people through responsible travel. The Natural Guide to Bali is a fascinating account of Bali as a destination for eco-tourists, as well as the extraordinary cultural experiences that Bali offers.

The International Ecotourism Society

We believe that this book will benefit the tourists and local communities alike. Besides helping the people by increasing the inflow of visitors, this book also provides education both for the tourists and the local people, while supporting environmental conservation efforts.

The Indonesian Ecotourism Network

This book is not just another guide book. It’s a guide book with a mission. The authors’ intentions and commitments shine through clearly on every page. Their mission is the laudable one of responsible, ecologically aware tourism. The aim is to provide the tourist with rewarding experiences while at the same time benefiting local communities. It is the first of a new series and I think it will become a leader. I thoroughly recommend this book.

Ni Wayan Murni

Gorgeously illustrated, beautifully written and replete with maps for each area, The Natural Guide to Bali is exactly what one would expect from Equinox, a publisher whose collection of Indonesia-focused works shows style and substance. The guide deserves a place on any bookshelf, for not only is it invaluable for those of us concerned about our declining planet and those who make frequent trips to Bali, it is, simply, a fascinating read.The guide is a travel book specifically for today’s environmentally fragile world, in which tourism has also been blamed for environmental degradation and the assault on traditional culture.

The Jakarta Post

Follow a duck between two rice fields and see where it leads you…Do like the Balinese: wake up early to catch the glorious mornings; nap during the afternoon heat…

This is not just another guidebook. It’s not just pointing you in the right direction or telling you what is in a place. It is written by people who love Bali, with the aim to make you feel the same, and to let you know why you should feel that way – to get the spirit of the place.