Book of the Week: The Atlas of Birds

Continuing our selection of the very best titles available through NHBS:

The Atlas of Birds

by Mike Unwin


A full-colour, graphically elaborate appraisal of avian habitats, biodiversity and behaviour around the world.
The Atlas of Birds jacket image


This atlas is full of the most current information about the world of birds, sourced from BirdLife International and other international conservation organisations. It is as much a celebration of the rich and colourful diversity of the world’s avifauna, as an appraisal of the serious impacts of human development.

There are hundreds of titbits of information for the fact fanatic, ranging through statistics about bird diversity, feeding techniques, migration altitude, and even a top twenty of birds mentioned in Shakespeare – all presented with the same generous visual impact that characterises this book’s style.

The structure is broadly split into sections on habitat, species accounts, behaviour, bird/human relations, threats and conservation, and ultimately takes a proactive stance towards encouraging the general public to become aware of, and engaged with, the conservation of birds.


Mike Unwin is an experienced writer and illustrator of wildlife, and author of over 20 books, including several for the RSPB. Among the numerous publications for which he writes are Bird Watching, Birdwatch and Bird Life. In 2000 he won BBC Wildlife magazine’s nature travel writer of the year.

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