Five reasons you need a RememBird II – the new birding audio guide and wildlife sound recorder in one

Remembird II1. Record bird and wildlife sounds in the field

The RememBird II allows you to record bird sound in the field. It fits snugly below your roof prism binoculars and is easily operated by a simple joystick button contol. The microphone works in a continuous loop recording mode so that your RememBird is ‘always listening’ – so you don’t have to scramble to catch the beginning of the calls you hear.

2. Keep your eyes on the action

The RememBird has a second micropohone which allows you to whisper notes about what you’re watching without stopping to look down at your notebook.

3. Listen to region-specific audio field guides through the built-in speaker or using headphones

Each RememBird comes pre-loaded with a regional audio field guide: European (in English or French), North American or Australian.

Remembird II software4. Manage your wildlife field recordings

The sophisticated software (available for PC and Mac users) allows you to manage your wildlife recordings,  log and identify species heard and build your own audio field guides for use in the field.

5. The RememBird II builds on the huge popularity of the RememBird I – including new features designed with users’ feedback in mind

Praise for Remembird I

For the size of the package, the RememBird provides a remarkably good recording (definitely adequate for identification later) and a convenient way of recording those valuable field notes. – American Bird Association

A marvelous innovation to take us into the next new frontier of birdwatching. – Martin Garner

Its versatility and ease of rapid use will make a real difference both for the professional and for the serious birder… You will quickly come to see how useful this is and will want to make sure it’s always to hand. – Ricard Gutiérrez,

Is it worth it? Yes. It’s great for recording on-the-spot details of sightings while at the same time helping you to get to grips with bird sounds. – Dominic Couzens, BBC Wildlife Magazine

Designed 100% for birders, it would also be fantastic on safari, especially at night, for listening to the sounds of the bush. Elephants’ rumbles, bush baby shrieks and leopard coughs would all come through beautifully. Wildlife Extra

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Author: Nigel

Nigel is NHBS' Managing Director - his background is in ecology and conservation.

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