New Titles in Entomology – including Moths of Europe, Volume 2

Moths of Europe, Volume 2: Geometrid MothsSome great new insect titles are now available at NHBS, most significantly Moths of Europe, Volume 2: Geometrid Moths which is now in stock at NHBS – order your copy today.

Moths of Europe, Volume 2: Geometrid Moths deals with more than 1000 species of Lepidoptera traditionally grouped together as geometers and classified in the Geometridae family (plus a single species from the Uraniidae): Illustrations are displayed in the form of 158 colour plates showing 1116 species in 2800 photos. Four new genera, seven species and 17 subspecies are described. Moths of Europe, Volume 1 is also available for purchase.

Other newly published titles include Insect Species Conservation and Sharpshooter Leafhoppers.

Insect Species ConservationSharpshooter Leafhoppers









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