Mammals of the World – Now in Stock at NHBS

Handbook of Mammals of the WorldWe are excited to announce that the first volume of the Handbook of the Mammals of the World has just been published and is now in stock at NHBS!

This landmark new series from Lynx Edicions – the publishers of the classic series Handbook of Birds of The World – provides the first comprehensive, global handbook to the Class Mammalia.

Volume 1 covers the Carnivores: African Palm Civet; Cats; Linsangs; Civets, Genets and Oyans; Hyenas; Mongooses; Euplerids; Dogs; Bears; Red Panda; Racoons; Skunks; Weasels, Martens, Polecats, Badgers and Otters.

Order your copy of Volume 1: Carnivores today

Set up a Standing Order for all volumes in the series – you will receive each volume automatically as it is published.

Future volumes in this series will include:

Volume 2: Hoofed Mammals
Volume 3: Primates
Volume 4: Sea Mammals
Volume 5: Marsupials
Volume 6: Rodents
Volume 7: Insectivores
Volume 8: Bats

These internal scans show the high quality of the illustrations and photographs in Volume 1: Carnivores.Handbook of Mammals of the WorldHandbook of Mammals of the World

2 thoughts on “Mammals of the World – Now in Stock at NHBS”

  1. This is sure to be an outstanding series, just as has been their ongoing publication of the Handbook of the Birds of the World. Sadly, no review copies seem to be available and I can’t presently afford the retail purchase price.

  2. This is without any doubt the best book on carnivores that has ever been published. Beautyfully illustrated, written by experts and still very easy to read. Very much worth waiting for. I can hardly wait for the next volumes.
    These books will a true treasure of every mammallover and should be available in each good library and good bookshop.
    Very highly recommended.
    I only cannot understand why the call it a “handbook”.

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