Book of the Week #1: Coastal Plankton

We are always struck by just how varied and inspiring is the range of books we come across at NHBS, and challenged to give stand-out books their due. To this end, we’ll be highlighting a book every week here on the Hoopoe, as our Book of the Week. All books are chosen by us – no publisher’s endorsements! Simply our “what? why? who?” guide to the superb scientific texts, monographs, field guides or natural history books that we think you need to hear about…

So here’s our first choice:

Coastal Plankton: Photo Guide for European Seas, 2nd ed.

by Otto Larink and Wilfried Westheide


This is an introduction to the most important and most common taxa present in the plankton. It is intended as a guide for students, marine researchers and even the interested lay person, and contains 930 micrographsCoastal Plankton jacket image (nearly three-hundred more than the first edition) allowing the identification of numerous common species, now including some from Mediterranean waters.


With its huge number of colour photographs it complements, and is recommended as a photographic supplement to, the illustrations of more comprehensive taxonomic keys – helping students and others without extensive taxonomic experience to gain a better grounding in plankton identification.


Prof. Dr. Otto Larink is a zoologist. During annual courses at the Biological Station on the isle of Helgoland in the German Bight since 1963 and during various visits at European coasts he has observed the diversity of plankton organisms and documented them with many micrographs presented here.

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Westheide is also a zoologist specialising in systematics and morphology of invertebrates, especially annelids.

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