Book of the Week: Icelandic Bird Guide: Appearance, Way of Life, Habitat

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Icelandic Bird Guide: Appearance, Way of Life, Habitat

Johann Oli Hilmarsson

Icelandic Bird Guide: Appearance, Way of Life, Habitat jacket imageWhat?

New edition of the popular guide to Iceland’s birds by the country’s pre-eminent ornithologist and photographer, Johann Oli Hilmarsson.


This attractive and informative guide completely revises and expands the previous edition and covers the appearance, behaviour and other identifying features of over 160 different species.

Includes detailed information, and maps and diagrams, about breeding range, seasonal distribution, migration behaviour, breeding and feeding, and plumage variations by age, size and sex.

Illustrated with more than 700 photos, species are depicted clearly in their natural habitat in various behavioural modes.


Johann Oli Hilmarsson¬†is a leading authority on the birds of Iceland and one of the country’s most experienced bird photographers. He has written numerous articles on birds in books, magazines and newspapers. ¬†He has held many courses, lectures and exhibitions and his photographs have been published around the world, and he is also president of BirdLife Iceland.

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