Save 20% on some of our top choices from 2011 in the NHBS Winter Gift Catalogue

Welcome to the NHBS Winter Gift Catalogue!

We’ve brought together all our favourite books from across our subject areas from the past twelve months, plus the best of the year’s DVD/Blu-ray documentaries (including the BBC’s Frozen Planet, due December), and some interesting gift ideas for photographers and young enthusiasts from our range of wildlife conservation equipment.

Save up to 20% on some of the top books of the year, and look out for a great saving of £54 on on the Bushnell XLT Trophy Cam Trail Camera, on page 6.

You can browse the catalogue below, or download here as a pdf. – it’s fully linked up so you can find out more about anything you are interested in by clicking on the images.
NHBS Winter Gift Catalogue 2011