Book of the Week: The Rise of Fishes

Continuing our new weekly selection of the very best titles available through NHBS:

The Rise of Fishes: 500 Million Years of Evolution

Edited by John A Long


A tour of the past 500 million years, seeing the evolution of fishes from “Glorified Swimming Worms”The Rise of Fishes jacket image to the diverse and complex groups we see today.


Fishes are the ancestors of all amphibians, leading to reptiles, birds and mammals – including ourselves – and they continue to dominate the world’s waters. This is a superbly illustrated guide to the process of their evolution and diversification.  The images range from clearly photographed fossils and skeletal portions, through detailed anatomical diagrams, to colourful reconstructions of life in the ancient oceans and photographs of living species.  The science is brought to life through stories from the author’s own experiences in the field. A brilliant exposition of a key drama in the evolution of life as we know it.


John A. Long is the vice president of Research and Collections at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. His numerous books include Prehistoric Mammals of Australia and New Guinea: One Hundred Million Years of Evolution and Palaeozoic Vertebrate Biostratigraphy and Biogeography, also published by Johns Hopkins.

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Diversity of Fishes – and other New Marine Biology Titles

The second edition of the classic textbook The Diversity of Fishes has just been published and is now in stock at NHBS.
This new edition represents a major revision of the world’s most widely adopted ichthyology textbook. Expanded and updated, the second edition of The Diversity of Fishes is illustrated throughout with striking color photographs depicting the spectacular evolutionary adaptations of the most ecologically and taxonomically diverse vertebrate group. The text incorporates the latest advances in the biology of fishes, covering taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, biogeography, ecology, and behavior.

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Other recent fishes titles include Fish Reproductive Biology and Recruitment and Early Life History of Marine Fishes.

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