NHBS Ornithology Catalogue: Summer 2011

As usual, the NHBS ornithology list has expanded over the last year to incorporate many fantastic new books for birdwatchers, conservation workers, and ecologists. We hope you enjoy browsing these, alongside featured classics and bestsellers. The Editor’s Choice selections pick out the very best recent and forthcoming titles in each main subject area.

Our wildlife equipment range is always growing – now over 2000 items – and you will find all the best bird-related gear on the Nest Boxes and Wildlife Kit pages of the catalogue.

NHBS Wildlife Equipment Catalogue Summer 2009 – Out Now

The NHBS Wildlife Equipment Catalogue is out now – over 500 essential field ecology items!
Browse online or download it as a .pdf.

NHBS Wildlife Equipment Catalogue

We have everything you need whether you are bat detecting or butterfly monitoring, birding or botanizing, soil surveying or on safari. Our range of wildlife equipment is tailored to natural historians, field biologists and professional ecologists.

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New Primatology Titles at NHBS

The NHBS Primatology Catalogue has now been updated for Spring 2009.

There are some great new primatology and behavioural ecology titles, including the new English-language edition of Virunga: The Survival of Africa’s First National Park.

Other recently published titles include Orangutans, Mountain Gorillas and Tinbergen’s Legacy. Upcoming titles include Ape and Not a Chimp: The Hunt to Find the Genes that Make Us Human.

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