Bats of Britain, Europe and Northwest Africa – Now in Stock at NHBS


Autumn must be the time that bat books come home to roost – several new titles have just flown into NHBS, with more on the horizon. The hottest new title is Bats of Britain, Europe and Northwest Africa – now in stock at NHBS. This substantial reference with hundreds of intriguing photographs is certain to appeal to anyone interested in knowing more about the bats of Britain and Europe. Get your copy todayand save £5!

This comprehensive and superbly illustrated handbook presents for the first time all 51 bat species that occur across Europe and Northwest Africa, taking in to account recent taxonomic advances and new species descriptions from over the last few years. The discovery of new species in Europe, after a century of intensive investigations, indicates the limits of our knowledge and how far we are from a comprehensive understanding of bat ecology, biology, behaviour and biogeography. It was this need, especially as it affected conservation in the light of habitat loss and fragmentation, that motivated the authors of this landmark work. This is a new English language edition – this book was previously published in German.

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Also selling well at NHBS is British Bats – A Guide to Identification Using Sound Analysis – which is due to be published in October 2009. Preorder your copy today!

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Batbox III Featured on BBC’s Coast Programme

Check out this video from the most recent BBC Coast TV programme featuring the Batbox III bat detector.  The detector is used to locate bats living in an old World War II bunker on the Normandy coast. The video shows how you can "hear" the bats with the detector before you can see them – a compelling reason for having a bat detector.

The Batbox III detector features at about the 38th minute…
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The Vincent Wildlife Trust and NHBS

We are pleased to announce that the Vincent Wildlife Trust has appointed NHBS the official distributor for their publications, including the new and bestselling Lesser Horseshoe Bat Conservation Handbook.


Other Vincent Wildlife Trust publications distributed by NHBS include:

The Bats of Britain and Ireland (Bestseller)

The Polecat Survey of Britain 2004-2006 (New for 2008)

Distribution and Status of the Polecat in Britain in the 1990s

The Distribution of the Hazel Dormouse in Wales

The Vincent Wildlife Trust Review of 1997-2000

The Water Vole and Mink Survey of Britain 1996-1998

The Water Vole in Britain, 1989-1990

For more than 25 years The Vincent Wildlife Trust has been supporting wildlife conservation through research, surveys and the establishment and management of reserves for British mammals. Since 1996 the VWT has concentrated its resources on bat conservation, and particularly on the protection and enhancement of roosts for rare bats. It has also maintained its involvement with conservation-led research and survey work on pine martens, polecats, water voles and dormice.

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